The Carl Zeiss endodontic microscope

It’s the best dental machine used in performing root channel treatments. Using it increased the endodontic treatment success rate by 60% and in the case of classical treatments by 90% which lead to the possibility of treating teeth which where once condemned to be extracted.

The Zeis microscope allows performing dental treatments of the highest quality offering safety, accuracy, comfort and smaller treatment duration which was impossible with the help of classic technologies.

Micromotor Endodontic


It is one of the most modern dental instruments which helps ensure the patient’s comfort during the intervention and a smaller treatment duration.
It easily, swiftly and safely prepares the channels. It is now possible to prepare difficult anatomic channels with predictable results using only one needle.

Apex Finder Morita

It was the first device capable of working in channel with a humid environment. The measurements are not affected the the presence/lack of blood, other secretions or electrolytes. The Apex finder, Root ZXII has established a new standard for precision and the patient’s safety and it is the most awarded and most performant equipment in the world. The Apex finder and the endodontic micromotor are the ideal devices for performing excellent endodontics treatments.

The heated obturation system


Sistem perfect pentru obturarea ermetica 3D a canalelor radiculare, incluzand canalele laterale. Obturarea se realizeaza usor, rapid, controlat, exact iar partile care intra in contact cu pacientul se pot autoclava.

Sistemul pentru obturarea canalelor cu gutaperca la cald ofera control si obturare excelenta apical a canalelor “complicate”.

Micromotor Endodontic


PIEZOSURGERY is a machine used for modern periodontology minimally invasive surgeries, which helps give the dentist precision and reduce the patient’s stress levels.

The Mectron PIEZOSURGERY® device protects the soft tissue, it reduces by 80% the risk of perforating the Schneider membrane during the procedure to lift the sinus through a lateral access and the post-surgery edema is smaller. The bone integration is faster and better after preparing the implanted situs and the post-surgery recovery is faster and less traumatic.

The device is also successfully used in interventions such as:

  • sinus lift – the crestal technique
  • sinus lift – the lateral approach
  • preparing the situs
  • preparing for mini implants
  • extractions
  • explanations
  • ridge augmentation
  • cortectomy techniques
  • block bone graphs
  • bone modelling
  • endodontics
  • osteotomy performed to bind the nervs
  • periodontal surgeries
  • peri-implant hygiene


Using lasers during dental interventions reduces the pain by 80% and reducing the need for anesthesia. Both the diode laser and the CO2 one are used for every type of intervention: periodontology, implants, surgery, whitening etc.

1) Soft Laser ML 1055 – used for bio stimulating the soft tissues, reducing post-extraction pain (especially for the wisdom teeth), the extra oral acupuncture.

2) Laser FOX diode 810 nm – used in periodontology and endodontics for sterilizing channels, surgical excisions/incisions, hemostasis, peri-implants, desensitizing, implant operculectomy, herpes, aphthae, prosthetics pressure point, extra oral acupuncture, whitening.

Laser CO2 – ERASER
– used for: aphthae, biopsies, removing the epithelium, dentitio dificilis, dental desensitivisation, direct pulp capping, decubitus, epulis, fibroma, frenectomy – removing the frenom-, gingivectomy, hemogioma, herpes, hyperkeratosis, implant operculectomy, excisions/incisions, coagulation, crown – gum extension, mucus, papillectomy, peri-implants, pulpotomy, flap alveolar ridge, sulcus extension, vestibuloplasty, wound sterilization.

Digital panoramic and retroalveolar radiology

Radiology is viewed almost instantaneously, has a much more superior quality than the classic and the image can be developed on the computer. The greatest advantage is the 90% reduction of the radiation levels in comparison to the classic one.

Other advantages:

  • It allows develop images and highlight details which cannot be seen by the human eye: minimal distortion by setting the density and the contrast for an exact identification of the dental problems.
  • It is possible to view several panoramic radiology results from different time periods on the same screen and to compare them.
  • On demand it can also be printed by a high resolution printer
  • A better filling and management system of radiology


PRGF® – ENDORET® – first one on the market, 100% autogen


It activates the plasma with those blood proteins which are responsible for healing tissues. This plasma is made by centrifuging and processing a small amount of the patient’s blood using specialized equipment.

This tecnology is used in dental care, but also in plastic surgeries with surprizing results:

– in the case of dental implants it speeds up the healing process by 7 times and it decreases the inflammation risks of the implanted area by 80%.

– in the case of plastic surgery it rejuvenises the foundation, it diminishes the wrinkles and it gives the skin a healthier look. It is the most revolutionary anti-aging treatment, taking into account it is natural due to the fact that is is based on … our own blood.

In dental care,  PRGF ® – Endoret is also used for:

Chirurgicale: alveole postextractionale, molari de minte, regenerarea in jurul implanturilor, transplant de grefa osoasa, transplant grefa gingivala, aditie osoasa, ridicari de sinus, lateralizare de nerv (alveolar inferior);



– periodontics

PRGF ® – Endoret ® speeds up the tissue healing process and it simultaneously reduces inflammations and the infection or post-surgical complications risks. Using it guarantees important improvements in the regeneration process, lack of pain and swift patient recovery.

Intraoral Camera – simple&smart

The images obtain with the help of the camera allow zooming in on the details and in combination with other diagnosis techniques (dental X-rays) it helps identify the correct issue: dental cavities, tartar, periodontal disease etc. Due to the small size, the wireless camera is not bothering the patients. With its’ help they can precisely see what the dentist sees and also the post treatment results (the images are projected on a screen/TV).


This lamp helps diagnose the cavity in its’ incipient phase, the invisible fractures in the enamel especially on the frontal teeth after suffering traumas or sports accidents.

Sterilization room (according to the EU regulations)

The sterilization is the main method of preventing infection because it destroys all microorganisms (bacteria, viruses and spores) responsible for spreading infections and fatal diseases in the dental clinic. The sterilization room is equipped with:

  • Distiller and two autoclaves,
  • Domina Plus B Premium Line and Steril Maxima BMS. They sterilize the most difficult materials such as those with cavities and the pore instruments. They meet the newest international standards and they passed the most difficult sterilization tests (the tests Bowi&Dick and Helix). All phases and sterilization cycles are controlled by a microprocessor, thus eliminating the human error risk and helping the monitoring process.
  • Sigilator New Seal
  • Quattrocare Plus KaVo – aparat automatizat pentru intretinerea si ungerea pieselor de mana: turbine, piese drepte, piese unghielelor endodontice la nivel de excelenta.

Seal New Seal

Quattrocare Plus KaVo automated device for maintaining and lubricate hand equipment: turbines, straight pieces, the endodontic pieces at excellent standards.

Oral id


The Oral ID is the only equipment in the world which recognized by the American Dental Association for being able to trace any type of oral cancer in its’ incipient phase.

Two minutes are enough to intraoral scan the soft tissues of the mouth cavity with the purpose of detecting oral cancer, pre-cancer and the HPV Human Papiloma Virus).  The test is painless, nu does not irradiate and it is recommended to be performed twice a year.


W&H SI-923

The unit is used in the jaw bone- facial surgery, as well as other oral surgical procedures. The most difficult interventions in implantology, surgery and periodontology can now be easier, faster and more precisely executed.

Germicide/ batericide and air purification lamps


The service quality and the patients’ and personnel’s safety depend on the microbiologic purity. This is why we use the best germicide lamps from the series NBVE to efficiently disinfect. The radiations have high biocidal properties, they permanently remove bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi and other microorganisms. The air disinfection is continuously performed (24/7) and the lamp radiations are not harmful for people.

The facial arc


The facial arc transfers the jaw bone position in relation to the terminal articulator axis in only 2 minutes. Thus, the articulator is only a static physiological situation in a 1:1 report. It is absolutely mandatory for diagnosing and treating functional problems and it reduces the adaptation time for prosthetic works. It is a success due to the ease to manipulate it, and to the fact that it saves time and materials.


VITA Easyshade V allows to determine the exact natural teeth color or the color of the ones subjected to the whitening treatment and other restorations (CAD-CAM, crowns, bridges, Veneers, Inlays, Onlays, Lumineers, etc.) through electronical measurement. With this device the color of the central tooth (establishing the base color), the one distributed on the whole tooth in several points (establishing the medium color) or in the cervical, central and incision areas (establishing the aria color of the tooth) and it guarantees the prevention of infection.


It is best device at a world level for mixing and automated dosing of materials from the Penta 3M scale. It guarantees a homogeneous blend, without aer bubbles.

Special equipment


Beginning with 2013, the clinic has the ATI certification for performing surgical interventions under general anesthesia adhering to the Health Ministry regulations. We are one of the few Romanian dental clinics with specialized equipment for performing these interventions specific for operating rooms hospitals.

1/The ATI section (interventions under general anesthesia) is equipped with top range anesthesis devices:

Oxylog® 2000 plus – Dräger: is an emerency ventilator with timely lapses and constant volume for the patients with tidal volume or current volume of at least 100 mL.

Monitor functii vitale – Biocare IM 15

Defibrilator Life Point

Seringi automate – Syramed microSR6000

2/  Device for sedating through inhalation CARBA (based on nitrous oxide mixed with oxygen): a calming effect without the fear and pain sensation, it can also be used for children

3/ Operating lamp TruLight 1000 with 80.000 LUX  – it offers constant illumination of the examined field and it precisely confers the color, it does not generate heat during the procedures.

Other work instruments

1 – Prevention cabinet

  • air flow PROPHYflex
  • Descaling device KaVo SONICflex quick 2008 / L with special anses for patients with implants and special anses for patients with periodontics problems
  • Air Flow Perio (EMS) under the gums – for patients with periodontics problems

2 – Polymerization lamps

  • Without a timer wire or photo obturations
  • UV Polymerization wireless lamp for cementing LUMINEERS with 5000 W

3 – Microscopic lens with Carl Zeiss lenses equipped with illuminator optical fiber for high precision surgeries which can enlarge up to 6 times

4 – Ultrasonic scaling Piezo Scaler

5 – LED and without LED turbines

  • KaVo – straight hand piece
  • KaVo – angular red-blue hand piece
  • KaVo and W&H – surgical straight and angular hand pieces