About our clinic

The respect towards our patients’ demands and comfort determined us to open the dental clinic Swiss Ecodent in 2011 by continuously investing financial capital in the latest equipment and in the premium work materials we use, and also in forming a team of highly trained dentists, who are certified and specialized by the Swiss standards and who individually treat each problem of our patients.

The patient’s satisfaction (from a medical standpoint and an emotional one) not only represents an objective of all our services, but also the motivation to constantly maintain at a high standard our level of professionalism and precision while practicing this complete medical services.

We are actively involved in convincing Romanians that it is better (and easier) to prevent than to treat a dental problem. We do this on a daily basis in our dental clinic, but also by involving Swiss Ecodent in various responsibilization and social education campaigns. However, we are always prepared (24/7) to handle the dental emergencies of those who contact us even by offering free transport to/from the clinic so that our intervention can be swift and comfortable for the patients.

What recommends us?

  • Our patients smiles

    They are the Swiss EcoDent visit card and the visible proof for the quality level our team and our services offer

  • The Swiss vision

    It is implemented at a coordination level for the whole clinic, but also at the quality and precision we offer for our personalised treatments

  • Full medical services in one location

    Operating theatres, examination rooms for children and adults, general dental X-ray services, general aesthetics, laser technology etc.

  • The high end equipment

    which is adapted to the latest international dental practices

  • The specialists team

    with international training and competences.

  • The guarantee of service

  • The financial benefits

    which are applied after having had different dental treatments performed

  • Free transport

  • The dental emergencies program

    365 days/year