Dental aesthetics

It was born out the the human’s wish to have the most beautiful, natural and long lasting smile. Our doctors can successfully perform all kinds of treatments, be they whitening, crowns, applying dental jewels or other individual requests.


Implants are the ideal solution for replacing missing teeth, no matter the reason for losing them. An implant can last from 10-15 years up until a lifetime depending on the general well-being of the patient and the way it is maintained.


The orthodontic treatment can successfully be realized no matter the age. Each patient, be it a child, a teenager or an adult, needs individual treatment and requires attention and specialized care depending on demands so that the smile can be perfect and healthy.

Digital radiology

Once you have come to our clinic, you don’t have to go anywhere else to have an X-ray performed. In just a few minutes, the doctor can be up to speed with all the problems seeing as the clinic has new and innovational X-ray equipment from KODAK.

Information and News

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